HomeControl 2.0

Before connecting to the systemwith HomeControl2.0, the IPcommunication module (whether that
is Wi-Fi, LAN or GPRS) must have a stable data connection. The systemmust also be registered on a
PyronixCloud account.
1.    When HomeControl2.0 isopened for the first time, it will go through the initial set up. Select
‘CONTINUE’ to proceed.
2.    Enable the notificationsto allow HomeControl2.0 to alert via push and voice notifications.
3.    The smart device may display a settings message requesting notification authorisation. Allow to
receive notifications.
4.    Read and accept the Terms and Conditions to proceed.
5.    Create a username so the device can be identified on PyronixCloud. Press ‘NEXT’ when this has
been entered.
Please note: Once thisstep iscomplete, thisusername cannot be edited without deleting and reinstalling the app.
6.    Enter the unique systemID of the control panel and press ‘NEXT’.
Please note: Thiscan be found in the Master Manager menu in ‘SETUPAPPDATA?’    Please see Extended User
Guide for further guidance.
7.    Enter a ‘systemname’. This is how this systemwill be labelled throughout the application. Once it
has been entered, press ‘CONTINUE’.
Please note: Thiscan be edited at a later time.
8.    The systemis now added to the main screen of HomeControl2.0.


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