The Wee Mag is your useful and trusted directory for local businesses. We work closely with the staff over at The Wee Mag and feature in every single issue and have done for some time. We find it a great way to get our name even more recognized and find that we do get a good amount of inquiries (most of which lead to jobs) from it.

So after a bit of persuading, haggling and downright flattering, we managed to secure an advert on the front page……again!! oh, and we’re also on page 25 😉

Why did we want on the front page?

We wanted on the front page for a few reasons

We ran a post recently on the new Scottish fire legislation which can be found here, so in this post we’ll just quickly go over the main points of the new laws, our offers and how you can book in/contact us.

Our Front Page Advert in The Wee Mag


Interlinked smoke and heat detectors must all activate at the same time.

Below is the our advert which includes offers on detectors that comply with the new legislation as featured in The Wee Mag.

We get asked a lot about the Interlinked Controller. The Controller is a small wireless device that should be installed in a convenient part of a home. The controller gives you the ability to silence all detectors, test all detectors and locate an activating detector all from one location.

If you have any questions regarding the new Scottish fire protection legislation or if you are interested in any of our offers then please contact us.