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Innovate Alarms are professional installers of all types of security systems including home security alarms, commercial security alarms, burglar alarms and wireless alarms.

We guarantee we have the perfect security solution for you and with our online quoting system for home security and business security it could not be easier to get a security system quotation.

Innovate Alarms understand how you can best protect your home or business with a burglar alarm system. Our security systems protect what is important from burglary, unwanted intruders and personal attack. We offer a product range that enables you to build a home or commercial protection package to suit your needs and budget.

Intruder Alarm Control Panels

Whether it’s home security or commercial security the control panel is the brains of any alarm system.

Control panels start from simple on board keypad panels with 8 zones designed for small installations all the way up to control panels that can accomodate multiple remote keypads with multiple user codes allowing access to certain areas and over 500 zones that can be partitioned into different areas designed for large commercial premises security system needs.

Zones determine the amount of alarm detectors you can have on each control panel.

Home intruder alarm systems can be programmed for part set allowing users to set their security system at night only protecting, for example downstairs allowing them to freely walk around upstairs while the intruder alarm is set.

Intruder Alarm PIR Motion Detectors

Passive infrared (PIR) detectors detect motion in it’s field of view, which as standard is 12-15mtrs, though longer ranges are available.

There are a wide range of PIR detectors available including standard detectors, pet tollerant detectors, quad detectors, 360 degree detectors, anti-mask detectors, curtain detectors to name a few.

Due to advances in technology PIR detectors are more advanced and reliable than ever and they also look a lot better than the PIR’s of old.

PIR detectors are favoured by most intruder alarm installers to protect your property.

Intruder Alarm Keypads

Intruder alarm keypads or RKP’s nowadays almost always incorporate LCD English text displays, though more basic alarm systems are still available with LED displays.

Your burglar alarm systems keypad is where users control the alarm system. The alarm systems keypad allows users to set, unset and part set the security system and also allows users to check on the status of the intruder alarm.

Intruder alarm keypads are set and unset by the user entering their own 4 digit code, though these days almost all security alarms are available with proximity entry/exit.

With a proximity controlled intruder alarm keypad the user simply presents a token or fob to the keypad and the system will either set or unset.

Proximity keypads are a necessity if police response is required.

Intruder Alarm Window Sensors

Winow sensors or Shock sensors are installed on window frames and detect vibration. They provide perimeter protection and are designed to trigger an alarm system before an intruder enters the premises.

Shock sensors are available in white or brown to fit in with your window style and they are also available with a built in door contact.

Intruder Alarm Sounders

Security system sounders are designed to frighten off a burglar should an alarm system be triggered and also to alert anyone of the activation and bring attention to the burglary. A security system will usually comprise of two types of security sounders, internal and external.

Internal Sounders
The internal sounder installed on alarm systems are relativally small and discreet units. In some cases the internal sounder is part of the intruder alarms main control panel.

External Sounders
Also referred to in the security industry as “bell boxes” should be installed in an area where they are clearly visible. The external sounder is one of the most important parts in a security system and is likely to be the reason a potential burglar would move on to a different house or business. Our Innovate Alarms external sounder for hard wired intruder alarms is a Grade 3 unit which has double flashing LED’s, front, rear and cover tamper protection, strobe, sounder and it’s own battery back up. Our security external sounder also has prominant LED’s (as seen in the picture below) behind the cover making it highly visible at night.

Intruder Alarm Door Contacts

Every magnetic door contact comes as 2 parts. One part has connectors where it is wired back to the alarm systems control panel and the other part, which is usually almost identical to the first part is simply a magnet.

These two parts are installed usually on external doors with one part on the frame and the other part on the door itself. They are installed so when the door is closed the two parts are no more than 20mm apart. If the security system is set and the two parts of the contact are seperated due to someone opening the door the intruder alarm will activate.

There are many types of door contacts available in the security indusrty designed for different types of doors including up and over garage doors, roller shutter doors, double doors and of course standard doors. They are also available in different shapes, sizes and materials including plastic and aluminium.

Some door contacts are also available as white and brown so as to fit in better with the colour of the door.

Intruder Alarm Point to Point Beams

Infrared beams are available as internal and external units. They provide infrared detection between the master and slave unit.

Beams come in a variety of different technologies and start from as little as 5 meters all the way up to over 200 meters detection.

External infrared beams are designed to protect the immediate perimeter of a building. The beams are particularly useful in providing coverage for windows, doors and roller shutter doors and can be used to activate an intruder alarm system, lights or CCTV before a break-in occurs, minimising damage to property and risk to on-site personnel.

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